Almost Time!

Lambing season is due to kick off on New Year’s Eve! Only 21 days from now! Ewes are getting really great grass hay and alfalfa in preparation. One old gal even seems to have begun getting her udder! Lambing is better than Christmas in my opinion!

Due to not having a St Croix ram this year, we bred all our St Croix ewes to our Katahdin ram, Big Red. Only 4 ewes will have the potential to have registered Katahdin lambs. The other 11 ewes will be having commercial Katahdin crossbred offspring. Get your name on a list if you have something you are looking for. Meat lambs are available first after weaning so we can hold onto the others for a couple more weeks to determine quality. Weaning will occur April 20th, 2019.

Registered Katahdin weaned lambs are available for $300 each, Commercial Katahdin weaned lambs $200 each, meat lambs vary depending on market and weight. We do require a deposit of $100 to hold lambs. This will be due once I determine whether or not I can fill the order.

Some adults will also be available in May/June as well. I will have Registered St Croix and Commercial Katahdin available.

Happy Holidays!

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